Tactical Model:   PS13-1B


  • Short Circuit Protection

  • AC Status LED

  • Onboard Battery Charger

  • SMD Design

  • Replaceable Fuse

  • Powder coated steel enclosure


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Link to PS13-1B Manual (pdf)

The PS13-1B, Linear Regulated Power Supply from Tactical Technologies has been designed to provide 13.8V DC nominal at 1A.


PS13-1B features an onboard battery charger with LED indication to show the presence of DC. Note that this model does not include AC Fail & Low Battery Outputs.


Housed in a powder coated steel enclosure (large enough to house a 1.2AH or 4AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery) and supplied with an approved 16V AC 1.5A Plug Pack, PS13-1B has output short circuit protection via a 1A, M205 Fuse - if replacement is required, use only the correct fuse.

PS13-1B  Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

16Vac / 50Hz  1.5A

  • Output Voltage


  • Output Current


  • Battery Charger

90mA (approx.)

  • Dimensions

202L x 136W x 82H mm

  • Weight