Tactical Model:   TPS12-5DC-BXD20

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( Integrated High Output Battery Charger )

  • Genuine 5A continuous output

  • Dual Channel - 12Vdc Output (5A) / 13.8Vdc Battery Charger (1.4A)

  • Total output current of 6.4A (5A + 1.4A)

  • AC Fail & Low Battery Relay Outputs

  • 10 x 500mA Fused Outputs

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Heavy Duty Powder Coated Steel Enclosure - Medium

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The old adage "you can't charge a 12V battery with a 12V power supply - you need a 13.5V power supply" - is no longer true, thanks to Eco Range DC Power Supplies from Tactical.


TPS12-5DC-BXD20 provides switchmode regulated 12.4Vdc at up to 5 Amps via its primary output channel (to power loads such as voltage sensitive CCTV cameras), with a separate high power 13.8Vdc 1.4A channel to keep your standby battery charged - making TPS12-5DC-BXD20 a 6.4A supply.


In the event of a 240V mains failure, TPS12-5DC-BXD20 automatically re-regulates the 13.8V standby battery voltage to 12.4Vdc - ensuring that sensitive equipment is not subjected to higher, potentially damaging voltages.


TPS12-5DC-BXD20 is factory fitted to a medium sized heavy duty powder coated steel enclosure (dimensions below) and comes equipped with two 10 way fused distribution boards (PDM-5), featuring heavy duty terminal blocks and individual LED circuit status indication for each fused output.


Incorporating short circuit and thermal overload protection, TPS12-5DC models have been designed and thoroughly tested to comply with stringent Australian & New Zealand Electrical Safety and EMC standards - in fact, TPS12-5DC models have such low conducted & radiated emmissions that they comply with the extremely demanding CISPR11:2004 Class B standard, making them suitable for use in not only industrial installations, but domestic, scientific and medical applications.

Engineered for CCTV

TPS12-5DC-BDX20   Specifications:

Input Voltage

240 Vac / 50 Hz

 Rated Maximum Input Current 


Output Voltage


Output Current


Output Channels


Output per Channel

250mA approx.

Battery Charger

13.8Vdc @ 1.4A Max

Operating Temperature

0-50C Ta


340W x 436H x 145D mm



Safety Standards

AS/NZS 60950:2011

EMC Standards

AS/NZS CISPR 11:2004 (Class B)